Self-drive Safaris

Holiday and Route planning for 4×4’s and sedans

Our holiday planning service is ideal for experienced travelers that do not require the services of a guide and includes the following:

  • Suggestions and advice on great destinations for your holiday
  • Route planning and directions to reach your destination
  • Points of interest and great lunch stops along your route
  • Overnight accommodation en route
  • All the reservations and payments to the various establishments
  • Information on points of interest and day outings as well as directions how to get there
  • All information is combined in a convenient, easy to use booklet with index – the only document you will need for your holiday. No more paperwork all over your car.

What do you have to do:

  • Contact us and provide a few details or complete the enquiry form on our website…
  • Let us do the work…
  • Do one payment to us…

And you are ready to go on holiday

What does it cost

  • The cost of the accommodation, plus all cross-border fees, plus 10% commission (if the total cost is R1000, we will invoice at R 1100)
  • Should the commission received be less than R950.00, a flat rate commission of R950.00 is charged
  • Destinations across the border carries additional banking fees levied by the financial institution and vary depending on the amount charged